That streak!

Sorry, I'm just really happy with that streak, something I wasn't sure I could keep up but actually managed to do. The goal is still two months of unbroken daily French so I've got a month and a week to go. But still! I made it this far and I feel like cartwheeling if I weren't … Continue reading That streak!

French: 22% fluency

My long-term goal is to reach 100% fluency (on Duolingo, at least) by December this year. I've still got ways to go, but, hey, December is still far off. My biggest hurdles so far are differentiating the really-similar-sounding words. Chien is dog, chat is cat, but the pronunciation difference between them is basically one measly barely-there i … Continue reading French: 22% fluency


Currently weaving some admittedly-wonky magic over at Canva, and will relaunch the site once I'm happy with the layout. For now, please bear with me and the ever-changing landscape of this place. Gracias!