Up, up, and away

Hi, I’m Bianca! Welcome to my Internet home for the next 4 years, 9 months and 12 days as I chase after a wild, wild bucketlist of 30 things to see/do/learn before I reach the ripe old age of 30. (Kidding! Life starts at 40, remember?) I’ll be writing more about the journey, I guess, than I will about finally getting there. The journey’s always half the fun. Also, I’m a fan of struggle. And challenge. And maybe masochism.

(Also, in case you wanted to double-check, I am a huge Sara Bareilles fan and I named this blog after a song of hers because I love love love that song.)

And since we’re on setting expectations, here are a few of the stuff I plan on writing about in the hopefully-near future:

  • applying to a European university (see #3 of bucketlist),
  • trying, reaching, stretchhhhing for that 700 score on my GMAT (again for #3),
  • forcing myself to exercise despite being allergic to healthy living (as prep for #5, 10-11 and, oh God, 19)
  • poaching an egg (for #4, prep for #12), and
  • finding the cheapest flights to Southeast Asian destinations (for #8 and #17), among other things.

But the recurring topic in the coming months or so is going to be–drumroll please!–money. Specifically finding money. Because let’s get real here, that list on the left column is hella expensive. And I’m, well, broke AF (can I get a millennial “amen”?). Financing this whole enterprise is going to be the biggest challenge of them all, and I plan on oversharing about that as much as I could in case you plan to get un-broke along with me. (Also, I am extremely receptive to monetary advice; feel free to drop some on the comments sections.)

Update: I tried, but I sadly have an inherent Filipino-Chinese aversion to talking about money so let me try getting over that sloooowly (i.e., every five blog posts or so).

Now that we’ve got that covered, feel free to read through why I’m putting myself through this five-year bind that will require every drop of sweat, blood, and tears–and then some.

Hope to see you in the next 4 years, 9 months and 12 days!



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