Saved by the rewards card


(Photo taken directly from the GetGo website)

The title says it all! I just saved a few thousand pesos in plane fares because, wonder of all wonders, GetGoCebu Pacific Air‘s rewards program–is having a really cheap seat sale. Ten measly points can get you a one-way ticket to wherever, and another ten can get you safely back where you came from.

As someone who’s been borderline obsessive about collecting and using rewards points, I. Am. Stoked.

The promo started March 14, actually, but I didn’t know until today so this girl spent her lunch break going on a mad rush booking flights here and there. The thing is, the ten points does not cover your taxes and fees. BUT STILL. For my scuba diving plans, I got a to-Bohol (Tagbilaran) flight for 10 points and 239.12 pesos. I got a round-trip Manila flight for 20 points and 663.24 pesos. I got a flight to Cebu for 10 points and 539.12 pesos. You get my drift?

I even saw Hong Kong-Manila and Singapore-Manila flights for the same 10 points! Unfortunately for me the travel time doesn’t coincide with my, ahem, schedule. (The travel period is from October 1-December 15, 2017.) But I’m off now to see what else I can spend my GetGo points on.

Promo runs only until March 16, 2017 (i.e., TOMORROW!!) so if you’re a GetGo member, I suggest you scram right now and get bookin’.

And if you frequently fly Cebu Pacific but are not a GetGo member, please know I am rolling my eyes at you. To the sign-up page. NOW.

(This is not a paid advertisement in any way. Cebu Pacific does not know I exist other than as a random name in their database.)



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