French: 22% fluency

My long-term goal is to reach 100% fluency (on Duolingo, at least) by December this year. I’ve still got ways to go, but, hey, December is still far off.

My biggest hurdles so far are differentiating the really-similar-sounding words. Chien is dog, chat is cat, but the pronunciation difference between them is basically one measly barely-there i sound in chien. When they say it fast, I’m toast.

Also, my dismal Spanish vocabulary often chooses to insert itself at the worst times (i.e., when I’m taking a test). Salt has been la sal to me for so long that le sel took a long time to register. Ditto for hombre over homme.

That said, the best part about 22% fluency in French is that I’m beginning to understand the Axelle Red songs of my teenage years without the assistance of Google Translate or some lyric website with English translation. It makes all the effort worth it.


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