That streak!

Duolingo as of April 12

Sorry, I’m just really happy with that streak, something I wasn’t sure I could keep up but actually managed to do. The goal is still two months of unbroken daily French so I’ve got a month and a week to go. But still! I made it this far and I feel like cartwheeling if I weren’t so bad at cartwheeling.

Last week also saw me reach a personal milestone: While browsing astronaut Thomas Pesquet’s Instagram (@thom_astro, follow him, he’s in space!) I realized I wasn’t even reading the English translations anymore. I could already pick out phrases and sometimes even whole sentences in his French captions, and understand what he meant in French! Not bad for someone with only 27% French fluency, oui? I can’t wait for the day I can finally read Le Monde in all its French entirety.



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